Home PC Nexus

Home PC Nexus is an IT corporation providing professional computer safety software for individual and business needs.

The staff of the company counts more than 100 IT professionals, while their strong belief is that all people on the Earth should be free to fully appreciate the web safe from malware hazards and other security concerns. The company features the most up-to-date, robust protection for PC users, which is at the same time utmostly user-friendly, multifunctional and what is most important right there when You just need it! How does Home PC Nexus help to improve our Users' online experience?

First of all, it ensures Users' safety from undesirable intrusions, hacker attacks and malware threats. Besides, it gives You an access to the most up-to-date and extensive virus databases with the regular updates run in a timely manner; The software also helps one to keep personal files, folders, application lists and desktop icons well organized without the necessity to spend huge amounts of time. Furthermore, Home PC Nexus product will optimize Your OS productivity and enhance the whole system performance, providing you with an exhaustive set of custom features allowing to set up your computer and online routine in accordance with your personal requirements and actual needs!

Home PC Nexus is always there to provide the most reliable, cutting-edge, on-the-spot solution for Your computer safety!